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Formateur(trice) : Lucia De Marinis
Durée : 5 heures
Date de la formation : 21 juillet 2015
Date limite d'inscription : 16 juillet 2015
Coût d'inscription : 30.00$CAD

Valeur réelle de la formation par participant : 110 $

Lieu de la formation : École en pierre, Portage-du-Fort.

Pour inscription et information: ou 819 647-2291

Clientèle visée

Artistes visuels professionnels, émergents et en voie de professionnalisation.

Description et déroulement

The workshop will be divided into two sections, the first taking place in the morning and the second in the afternoon.  The geography of the surrounding landscape of the Pontiac, both directly and obliquely, suggests and inspires our subject matter for the day, as does the fabric of our own lives, inevitably woven into each work.


Mixed-media collage:
A composition will be developed using a layered approach.

-one full sheet of 2-ply white Coronado coverstock paper
-a newspaper
-assorted coloured papers, in solid colours (e.g. construction paper, cardstock paper, origami paper, tissue paper, etc.)
-decorative papers with texture and/or pattern
-assorted fabric scraps
-a few tubes of watercolour or acrylic paint
-a styrofoam tray for use as a palette
-a paintbrush and a container for water
-thin wire
-coloured embroidery thread, coloured yarn, string, etc.
-synthetic and/or organic items such as beads, sequins, buttons, dried leaves, pressed flowers, etc.
-acid-free gluestick
-Elmer’s white glue and a glue spreader or small brush

Principles of two-dimensional design will be explored:
-effective composition and visual structure
-symmetrical /asymmetrical balance
-overlapping/non-overlapping elements
-shape and space
-line (cut/ torn edges)


The collage which students developed in the morning will serve as the basis or point of departure for a painting.  Evolution and transmutation of the image will be explored through changes in the design elements.  

-a pre-stretched canvas, dimensions optional
-a flat palette without wells, no smaller than 14” square
-acrylic or oil paint and accompanying mediums (acrylic gel medium, or linseed oil and odorless solvent)
-hog’s hair brushes, both flat and round
-a thin palette knife
-jars, rags
-a piece of willow charcoal
N.B. - Materials for watercolour painting may be substituted for the above.

Painterly concerns will be explored and addressed, such as:
-colour mixing
-paint handling and application
-colour behaviour
-colour and its relation to form
-mood, emotion, and expression


Lucia De Marinis

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Politique d'annulation

Article 3 - Modalités telles qu’établies avec Emploi-Québec Outaouais

Si un participant annule son inscription, il doit le faire par écrit ou par téléphone 10 jours ouvrables avant la formation pour recevoir un remboursement complet. Culture Outaouais se réserve le droit d’annuler un cours si le nombre d’inscriptions est jugé insuffisant. Les frais d’inscription seront alors remboursés.

Tiré du document Politique de la formation continue 2011.

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